Social Media for Content Marketers

In what’s becoming the second part of a series of Google Hangouts with some of today’s top minds in content marketing, we cover how these folks are using social media to reach their 1000 True Fans aka their core audience.


Some of what we’ll cover include:

  • What is Working Best Today
  • How to Choose the Best Social Media for Your Audience
  • What is Their #1 Challenge Right Now

Here’s the replay –

Special thanks to Steve Cartwright for putting on an awesome case study of his own successes with Twitter and LinkedIn. He’s generously made it available via Slideshare here.


How to Use Google Hangouts for Content Marketing

We’re talking with some top content marketers about how to use Google Hangouts to connect with your 1000 True Fans and grow your audience.


Some of the key things we talked about –

1) Connect with your 1000 True Fans
We’re big fans of Kevin Kelly’s article on Technium – you don’t need to be Madonna or Microsoft to create a living sharing your gift.

Google Hangouts gives you live engagement like no other platform. Sure, there are plenty of webinar platforms but no other streams directly to YouTube, which leads to next point..

2) Create YouTube videos
The real power of this technique is the beauty of leveraging the Google – YouTube relationship. Google LOVES her children, and by using Hangouts you will share this love.

3) Reuserepackagerepurpose

As Ms Ileane of Basic Blog Tips points out, there are ways to take this content even further on YouTube. Don’t stop with simply adding a few key words to optimize. By scheduling out highlight videos, you give your viewers not only reasons to subscribe but value by highlighting key point.

Let’s face it. Very few people are going to watch ALL of your video or read ALL of your lovely blog post. But by sharing that golden nugget, they just might check it out again.

How will you use Google Hangouts for creating content in your marketing strategy?

Social Media / Online Marketing – Choose Your Weapon

Wrapping up the Internet Prophets Live 2015 event here in downtown Los Angeles, there are so many successful ways where all these gurus and experts have each made their own fortune.

Facebook ads, webinars, podcasting.. on and on.. there is no shortage of ways to make money online. It’s easy to get caught up with someone else’s way – aka “shiny object syndrome” – but, of course, there is no magic formula although many would have you believe otherwise!

But deciding what to focus on is a matter of knowing your own strengths and working with your weaknesses. Bill Belew who invited me to the event doesn’t use social media at all. Yet he is passionate about content marketing, and we’ve seen a rise in both interest and awareness of this online strategy.

Others will tell you to buy traffic. Still others will say that it’s all about video marketing. Many roads to Mecca, as they say!

Over the years I’ve tested different strategies and techniques. And as Gary Vee says, aka Gary Vaynerchuk of Jab Jab Jab Right Hook, you’ve got to pick the one that works for you.

While you shouldn’t post pictures of your cat to try and get more customers, if that’s 1) not what your core audience is interested in 2) not your cup of tea –

It’s also not to say that you should stick only with what your comfortable with. Recently I finally met @joecomm – someone who’s work I’ve been following for some time. And he helped me to realize that Instagram can be a force for good – check out my Instagram posts using hashtag #DoGoodStuff –

Typically, selfies are a turn-off for me – but I’m starting to see that if you have a message, then by all means “Be the Message” you want to spread!

How to Promote Your Book with Instagram

Recently, my friend Sarah Davidson and I talked about how authors can use Instagram to promote their writing. Having written two books now – Field Inspection and Local Alchemy – I know how hard it is to get more readers. While we have more tools available than ever, they often don’t come with a very good instruction manual!

Here’s our discussion on some ways you can use Instagram to promote your book –


Interview with Chris Hill of Bachelor Kitchen

Celebrate Cinco de Mayo with us and learn the entrepreneur’s journey of Chris Hill going from the corporate world to the kitchen.

We connected when I stumbled across his article on Medium –
Things I Wish I Knew Before Becoming a Chef” Then, I read the one that got over 500,000 hits “Dear Chef” –

After graduating with a master’s in marketing, Chris took a leap of faith and opened his first kitchen in 2010. Now he’s getting ready to open a second restaurant in his hometown of Atlanta.


More details here:

His TED talk is finally available!