Indie Artist / Musician Creative Entrepreneur Mike Georgia

This week we talk with indie entrepreneur Mike Georgia and hear his entrepreneur’s journey as an artist musician.

Mike has done both covers of classic rock and his own songs. He teaches at the Musicians Institute here in Southern California. Recently, Mike has been working on some interesting musical projects.

We’ll dive into how Mike got started as a professional musician. What does it take to be a working artist? How do you connect with your 1000 True Fans today in a noisy social media / online word?

One of the things that we couldn’t wait to talk about with Mike is about how he discovered his passion for music. Many times folks will ask me about finding their calling and defining their art. So, I plan to get more into this aspect of the creative entrepreneur’s journey.

Another thing that is always fascinating about musicians and their craft is where they find their inspiration. “Good artists copy, great artists steal,” said Picasso.

Most of all what does it take for a indie musician to stick it out. There’s a huge divide between amateurs who “dabble” and professionals who stick it out, as Steven Pressfield talks about in Turning Pro.

Lastly, we’ll ask Mike what the “next level” looks like for him – not only as an artist but as a creative entrepreneur.

Full disclosure: we’ve worked with Mike before. He was generous enough to allow us to use his music for one of our first video productions.

Thank goodness Mike kept telling us we should check out his music. We have to admit that we were distracted by a lot of things so we kept putting it off.

We’re going to try something different for this interview and share some of Mike’s music.

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Indie Entrepreneur Lauren Brim

Our spotlight this week is on an amazing artist entrepreneur, Lauren Brim. Not only has she published a book about The New Rules of Sex, Lauren is an accomplished dancer whose film is now gaining recognition in festivals.

Her book was written to take a closer look at many of today’s confusing messages about sex that persist. She shares her own story and how it inspired her to write about it. Lauren offers insight on new ways to handle this sensitive area of our lives.

Recently, Lauren has become a new mom on top of everything else. So we’ll dive into her challenges of balancing life and the work of a creative entrepreneur.

Lauren believes in the transformation that’s possible through art. She has seen this power in her own life. At first Lauren resisted being in her own film, as it is challenging enough to produce and direct. In the end it was a matter of doing what it took to get the project made.

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