Indie Entrepreneur – Musician / Recording Artist ALE Gonzalez Gomez

We talk with creative entrepreneur indie musician ALE Gonzalez Gomez about his journey from addiction to creative recovery. It’s a redemptive story where an East LA child narrowly missed tragedy at the hands of the infamous Night Stalker, only to struggle with drugs and alcohol before finding salvation in music.

ALE talks about how he continues to grow as an artist and entrepreneur and why he feels the need to create. He discusses what happens when someone you admire ends their own life due to addiction.

We briefly talk about the recent loss of influential figures like Dr. Wayne Dyer and Scott Dinsmore of the Live Your Legend movement. ALE and I discuss how their deaths remind of us of the limited time we have to share our work.

Sometimes the creative entrepreneur goes to some of the darkest parts of the human spirit in order to experience their biggest breakthrough. ALE takes us to that moment when all seemed lost before finding the healing power of creating his music.

Creative entrepreneurs often struggle with this need to share their unique gifts and the shadow side of their creativity in the form of addiction.

Part of the creative process is pushing our limits. ALE talks about finding some of his most creative moments at night and how these have inspired him to grow as an artist entrepreneur. He shares some of his personal tips on the creative process.

Without growth as an artist creative entrepreneurs can easily fall back into unhealthy addiction. ALE shares some of his personal vision for his own personal creative growth

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Indie Entrepreneur – Actor / Film Maker Walker Haynes

On this creative entrepreneur’s hangout I chat with actor / film maker Walker Haynes about what it takes to make it in Hollywood.

After studying secondary education and even earning his certificate from the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art in London, Walker (he’s in good company with graduates like Anthony Hopkins, Kenneth Branagh, Alan Rickman, Fiona Shaw) began his creative entrepreneur’s journey into the acting world.

Eventually, Walker decided that he needed to create his own opportunities. By building relationships before he needed them, Walker not only got the support and encouragement from those who could help him; he was able to count on them for resources like actual equipment or referrals.

Walker discusses what it takes to get started with developing his own projects and open doors to other opportunities. He also talks about the importance for creative entrepreneurs to take inventory of their assets.

0:29 – Who is Walker Haynes?
1:24 – What got Walker started on his creative entrepreneur’s journey
2:28 – Who were influential to Walker on his own journey
4:14 – Starting at the bottom and wondering what you’re doing
6:17 – How it takes more than talent and the importance of relationships for creative enterpreneurs
7:53 – What helped Walker to finally take his first steps towards his own projects
9:48 – Walker shares some of his proudest moments
12:22 – How does Walker help actors to be at their most creative
13:52 – If someone is getting started in the film / TV industry, Walker offers some advice
16:26 – What that next level looks like for this creative entrepreneur

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Indie Entrepreneur – Film Maker / Author Gini Graham Scott

We talk with author / film producer Gini Graham Scott about how she funds her creative projects. Join us in hearing the story of her entrepreneur’s journey to become a a published writer and film maker.

Gini shares shares some of her biggest challenges and struggles in getting started on her journey as a creative entrepreneur. With her recent successes we’ll find out what the next level of success looks like for her.

Having so many projects in the air, we’ll ask Gini how she manages to juggle these and what her biggest lessons are.

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Indie Entrepreneur – Content Marketer Bill Belew

This week we talk with Bill Belew who built his online community to over 6600 members. Join us in hearing the story of his entrepreneur’s journey from struggling blogger to sought after speaker and thought leader.

We talk about how Bill got started on his journey as a content marketer. He shares some of his biggest challenges and struggles.

With so many projects and hats Bill talks about how he gets things done and what his proudest moment is so far. We’ll discuss what the next level of success looks like for him, ask what he feels is the biggest lesson he’s learned so far.

0:28 – Bill talks about the roots of his journey from living overseas before moving to Silicon Valley

1:08 – Life in the heart of Silicon Valley as a creative entrepreneur

4:20 – How Bill takes his first steps stumbling into entrepreneurship

6:04 – Door after door closes in Bill’s face as he seeks help on his journey

8:56 – Growing up among six children taught Bill self-reliance including learning how to ride a bike by launching himself downhill

10:40 – Leaving Japan Bill starts teaching at a local college and loves his work

11:18 – But the school’s president has other ideas for Bill

13:00 – Defining moment for Bill in choosing to take control of his life and finds an opportunity to write

14:24 – Realizing that he could duplicate his success Bill finds ways to rinse and repeat

16:08 – How to stumble on your success as a content marketer

18:10 – Folks begin asking Bill to teach how he was able to get millions of views to his websites

19:40 – Bill shares the biggest challenge on his journey

20:48 – No longer under the control of bosses Bill finds himself at the mercy of Google and search engines

21:20 – Realities of making a living as a writer / content creator

23:32 – What the residual benefits of organic traffic offers content creators

24:48 – Building an online community of content creators – even when you never participated in one before!

28:08 – Next thing Bill knows people start asking how he built his online community of over 7000 users in 15 months

30:06 – Bill’s forum hits a milestone

31:42 – What hitting that milestone really means

34:34 – How a 3 yr old’s success is Bill’s proudest moment

39:30 – Translating success online to offline success

40:02 – Sharing what that next level of success looks like

44:04 – Getting things done with so much to do

46:02 – How your “why” makes your success a certainty

49:24 – Why Bill feels more pressure and constraints gets better creative results

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Indie Entrepreneur – Filmmaker Darwin Carlisle

This week’s featured indie entrepreneur is filmmaker videographer Darwin Carlisle of First Class Reels.

For years he struggled to find his place in the film making capital of Hollywood. When a friend suggested making reels for actor friends, Darwin began his entrepreneur’s journey.

Of course, it was not all sunshine and unicorns. Like all entrepreneurs Darwin has faced his share of doubts before finally seeing some breakthroughs.

We dive into how Darwin figured out how to stand out in the crowded space of Hollywood. He also talks about what the next level looks like and how he continues to find inspiration in different moments.

Most of all Darwin shares what being a creative entrepreneur means to him and what gives him the greatest sense of accomplishment. He talks about how his work has touched the lives of his clients.

Often film makers have to improvise to deal with unexpected changes. Darwin talks about how he gets the most out of a moment and finds creative solutions to getting the video shots.

In this age where people are skeptical of traditional video and advertisements, it’s important to get down to the essential message. We discuss how Darwin gets to the heart of the story in a performance or moment.

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