Indie Creative – Brendan Weinhold of Gentle Werewolf

This week I chat with Brendan Weinhold who shares his creative entrepreneur’s journey in launching his web series, Gentle Werewolf.

Part comedy, part drama of modern times – Brendan talks about some of the sources of inspiration, the challenges and proud moments, and the importance of being true to your creative vision.

2:08 – What’s missing in typical television and how this drives this series’ vision

4:04 – Balancing the needs of working with others to express your personal vision and creating a shared vision

6:30 – Who inspired some of the series and Brendan’s own work, including the importance of overlooked source material

10:12 – Overcoming self-doubt and wondering if your creative work has merit early on when there is little proof

13:28 – Drawing from your own life for not just quirks but your own unique voice

16:12 – What attracts some of the fans to the heart of his Gentle Werewolf web series

20:20 – How “artists use lies to tell the truth” and this web series conveys its message without preaching

(unfortunately there were sound problems from this point on..)

22:42 – Juggling entertainment with substance and bringing in a lot of creative elements at once

24:40 – Doing the work to “make it look easy” and create your final creative work

26:15 – Taking your work to the streets to get feedback

27:24 – Bringing a producer on board and how this helped to bring some of the pieces together

30:56 – Finding the crew to help bring your creative vision to life

36:36 – How the basics of professionalism like doing the work, showing up and memorizing lines are key to attracting those who want to work with you

40:18 – Overcoming our own inner resistance as creatives to find the motivation to keep going and

43:39 – Why we need to trust the process becauses sometimes our past quirks and curiosity prepares us for our road ahead

48:18 – What Brendan sees as future projects that he wants to be involved with

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Indie Creative – Kyle MacDonald of One Red Paper Clip

one-red-paperclipThis week we spotlight Kyle MacDonald and his story – trading up from one red paper clip until he got his dream house. Like many entrepreneurs, Kyle started his creative entrepreneur’s journey with an idea.

Actually, Kyle started off with several creative ideas – until a high school friend reminded him of a game of “Bigger and Better” that they played where they traded up items as much as they could.

Kyle wondered what if he could create an online version of this? So, that’s what he did. Along the way Kyle traveled around the country meeting interesting people and sharing his adventures.

1:15 What made Kyle decide to follow the Red Paper Clip idea and see where it led him?

2:52 How to get others involved and be a part of what you’re doing

4:22 Overcoming self-doubts and negative influences

6:23 Lessons learned transform us on our creative entrepreneur’s journey

7:24 How to recognize those who can help on your journey

8:58 Finding stability by bootstrapping and launching from your personal base camp

10:40 Going outside your comfort zone to connect with your creativity and the importance of creating space to be creative

12:48 What are Kyle’s top creative habits

14:32 Where Kyle finds some of his creative inspiration

16:40 Biggest lessons Kyle learned on his creative entrepreneur’s journey

17:58 How not having a backup plan can guarantee success

20:12 How following curiosity can lead to bigger things


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Creative Entrepreneur – Indie Film Maker Dawn Fields

This week’s featured indie entrepreneur is indie film maker /producer Dawn Fields of Palm Street Films.


Indie Film Producer Dawn Fields (photo background credit: devanath via Pixabay)

Dawn shares how she got her start in the film industry working as an extra “Love Potion No 9” with Sandra Bullock in Atlanta. This led to work shooting with George Lucas and music videos with Brett Ratner.

Realizing that the funding and infrastructure was still lacking back east, Dawn made her way to Hollywood. In the entertainment capital she began working as a PA (production assistant) before realizing that she wanted more creative control.

Over the years Dawn has worked to get various projects through what’s known as “development hell.” Finally, she decided that she wanted to finally see something she worked on made!

We talk about Dawn’s first projects and how this led to the development of her most recent indie film, Fragile Storm, with Lance Henriksen.

Some of the other things Dawn shares –

6:40 – forming relationships that nurture your creativity

7:12 – dark moments of self-doubt and ready to quit

10:42 – bridging the gap between a filmmaker’s vision and making it a reality

11:30 – what crowdfunding has made possible for indie filmmakers

12:32 – how the real work of indie film making really starts after it’s made with promotion and the business side

14:06 – making the decision of bringing aboard bigger name actor to the project

16:36 – fun & games vs. realities of doing the film festival circuit

18:28 – identifying influencers for indie films and other ways to promote your work

20:05 – how social media and crowdfunding is changing the indie film making and the film industry

21:28 – Dawn shares some of her upcoming indie film projects and what that “next level” looks like

24:20 – will “Zombie Elves” ever get made? what’s involved with the realities of a holiday film and struggling with the challenges of bringing a vision into reality

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Dawn’s film production company – Palm Street Films

Indie Entrepreneurs – Casting Director Pixie Monroe


Recently, I chatted with Pixie Monroe of Monroe Casting. She has worked with productions with blockbuster budgets to indie film projects.

We talked about how Pixie got started in the entertainment industry with the near tragedy of her mother’s stroke during the aftermath of 9-11.

0:18 What lights Pixie up and inspires her work

3:25 How her career found her when her mother had a stroke

6:40 Where was Pixie on 9-11 before mentorships with Dreamworks

8:30 Inspiring words by casting legend Lynn Stalmaster “Leap and the safety net
will appear”

9:25 how working with different gifts and talented people inspires her

11:45 What helps her keep balance with all that happens

14:45 how a $100 background acting gig turned into music video spot

19:10 dealing with actors who don’t live up to expectations

21:55 which is more difficult – nightmare parents vs animals on set

25:10 strangest casting call of all – fainting goats

29:05 upcoming projects for Monroe Casting

31:40 advice to vets get started in film and television

34:50 what to do if you lack skill sets and how to find your mentors

38:00 how the relationship gave Pixie a chance to repay her mentor

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