Interview with Chris Hill of Bachelor Kitchen

Celebrate Cinco de Mayo with us and learn the entrepreneur’s journey of Chris Hill going from the corporate world to the kitchen.

We connected when I stumbled across his article on Medium –
Things I Wish I Knew Before Becoming a Chef” Then, I read the one that got over 500,000 hits “Dear Chef” –

After graduating with a master’s in marketing, Chris took a leap of faith and opened his first kitchen in 2010. Now he’s getting ready to open a second restaurant in his hometown of Atlanta.


More details here:

His TED talk is finally available!

Are You Building a Business or J.O.B.?

One of the main reasons why I started Bush Pilot Marketing is that years ago I realized that I needed to start working with entrepreneurs and business owners much sooner than when they decide to sell their business.

So, I’ll be sharing tips and strategies on how to create a life of passion and freedom with your business.

SEO Successful Marketing’s Key Element

This is a special guest post by Rev. Stephen B. Henry PhD who has been making a living with the SEO game for some time now. I’ll let him take it away..


While there are many aspects to consider and apply when implementing a quality marketing strategy, search engine optimization (SEO) should be high among them. Social media, both free and paid, and other methods of paid marketing and promotion are strong. Key social media elements are also significant growth factors. Despite encouraging numbers in other places, traffic from search is the lion’s share of the pie chart. Search marketing is by far the easiest place to find readily convertible traffic. Combined, all of this makes SEO successful marketing’s key element. Continue reading

Promised Land

Celebrating on this Martin Luther King Day it is right to give thanks for how one man can make a difference in the lives of others. Without doubt we would not be here in the Promised Land otherwise.

But what about our children and their children? Are we preparing them for today’s economy and the realities they must face?

Here are some of my thoughts..