When Life Imitates Art.. How Sci Fi Not Only Predicts But Shapes the Future

You won’t believe what this famous Sci-Fi writer said about computers back in 1974.. watch this video here. If YouTube was around with Nostradamus, this is what you would’ve seen!

Arthur C. Clarke was the writer of such works as 2001: A Space Odyssey

How to Steal (Ethically) as a Social Media Manager

Don’t know if you’ve checked it out yet, but I’m liking this new WP editor where you can write without as much clutter.

Ok, here’s my question / dilemma – so I wanted to tweet this image from a mommy blog –


(here’s the original site that it’s from..)

by creating a meme like this..


How much credit do I need to attribute? For that matter am I allowed to do so?

The mommy blog says “Image via Shutterstock” which I’m guessing means that she paid a royalty of some kind?

I’m going to check with a social media mastermind and report back what they say.


So far, the discussion has centered around whether using this image at all is “fair use” and what legal damage you might be bring on yourself. One of the other social media managers pointed me to an article she wrote on this.

I pointed out that I was not promoting my own business with this tweet per se, nor was I likely to benefit directly in any way. Apparently, the consensus is that this does not matter.

At this point I’m waiting to hear back from a small business legal eagle, Elizabeth Potts Weinstein. Stay tuned!




Launch of Local Business Alchemy

Here’s my love letter to our neighborhood businesses.

Technology has changed not only the way we communicate with each other but the way we do business will never be the same. Nowadays that local mom and pop store not only has to master basics like P/L’s, payroll, and so on. They have to adapt to how their customers are shopping and what is being said.

Failure to adapt is not an option, or these businesses risk simply getting left behind. What are the key critical areas where local businesses must focus their marketing efforts to thrive in today’s market? Local Business Alchemy covers this and more!


Recently, we’ve done a re-design of our site.

Although Bush Pilot Marketing has always been about helping businesses get their marketing on auto-pilot, we’ve decided to focus on DIY educational opportunities and “done for you” solutions in social media and online marketing.

Stay tuned for upcoming webinars and other announcements.