Indie Entrepreneur Xavier Ybarra

This week we spotlight indie entrepreneur film maker Xavier Ybarra of Signature Xavier. He’s been working with artists in the Los Angeles area.

Like so many entrepreneurs with growing businesses Xavier has a full plate. Sometimes there just doesn’t seem like enough hours in the day to do everything that needs to be done. The key, of course, is focus, and maybe getting some outside guidance because we can be too close to the forest to see the trees.

Too often entrepreneurs feel the need to act like they know everything or like nothing is wrong. They may be acting on the false belief that their clients expect them to know everything.

In reality its often much more damaging to hide behind this false image and get caught or called on this. But this takes a courageous step that not many entrepreneurs are not willing to take.

We’ll take a look at his successes and setbacks. What are his challenges and current opportunities? Who are his ideal customers? How can he connect with them? Where is the best place to reach them?

Don’t miss this chance to hear what it’s like from the entrepreneur frontlines of growing an indie business.

Here’s the link to attend this live event –
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How to Repurpose Content Like a Rockstar

Okay, rockstars and celebrities are not known for their frugalness – in fact, they’re often associated with a life of excess and waste. But musicians like John Lennon and Paul McCartney know that real creative success came from a sustainable system where they can mine for gold as often as they wanted again and again.


credit: Unsplash (these guys rock!)

So, here are ways that you do the same with building your own content marketing machine.

First, find a key topic and an audience. This is the art of creating content – finding the balance between broad enough to be worth your time and effort and niche enough to attract your ideal audience.

Create and promote the event. Although there are many webinar tools out there, Hangout on Air (in spite of its glitches) is still great for two main reasons: 1) Google juice 2) live streaming to YouTube (#2 search engine OWNED by.. wait for it.. Google)

Here’s a recent example of an event –

Guess what? By using a Hangout on Air you’ve automatically done this step – create a video. Here’s the kicker – you can create different highlights by editing clips your video. These can cover key points or moments.

Now, you can also edit and republish as a sound file. By using a program like Audacity (free download) you can now create a sound file that can be uploaded to SoundCloud or possibly made into a podcast.

Here’s where I posted a recording on my blog post –


Example of Post with SoundCloud


Of course, all of these types of content can be used for creating a blog post where you cover the key points in more detail. These points can be used to generate graphics using a program like Canva for tweets or other posts on social media such as infographics that you can pin.

Here’s an infographic from Bill Belew’s forum which I pinned to my Pinterest board on content marketing.


From Bill Belew’s Forum

Depending on the amount of content these can be used to create PDF reports and ultimately published as ebooks which, of course, can get an even bigger boost from Amazon – the world’s largest search engine for buyers of information.

Last but not least, this old content can inspire new content. By studying how your audience responds or has questions, you can look at ways to approach the topic and decide on your next directions.

What are some other ways that you have reused and repackaged your content?

Indie Entrepreneur George Ohan Shares His Success Secrets

A short while ago I had a chat with George Ohan and quickly realized that he has a tremendous amount of valuable experience and insights to share on his entrepreneur’s journey. (here’s where George shares a dark moment)

Brief Bio

George Ohan is an accomplished film producer with a background in Marketing, Public Relations, and Communications. After serving in the U.S. Army he graduated from The Los Angeles Film School, George began his own video production company before moving to his current home in Puerto Rico. Now he works with aspiring indie entrepreneurs and helps them grow their business through online and social media.


George Ohan in Puerto Rico

Lots of folks want to make money in the film industry. How did you make it a reality?

I never saw myself as the Steven Spielberg artsy filmmaker type. Yes, I’m an artist. Yes, I’m a filmmaker.  However, I’m a digital artist with an interest in business.  As I created content I was always looking for a way to sell it or get paid before creating it.  I turned that passion for getting people to respect my art with their wallet into a reality.  I wasn’t afraid to put a price on my creations or my time.  Get paid – don’t be the typical starving artist.

What was your biggest challenge getting started in your indie business?

Sales.  As an indiepreneur we never stop to think about who will actually ask us for money to do this “thing” that we love to do…. The challenge for me has been to focus on many things at the same time.  When someone says “FOCUS” most people imagine they should focus on one thing.  I approach focus with a couple of dashes of TIME MANAGEMENT and then we’re cooking!   I put my tasks in groups of what can be done”today” and I go 100% after the current tasks at hand.  Everyday, one of the tasks is to ask people to hire me for my services.

So with all the things it takes to run an indie business – how do you do it all??

The way to do it all is to know that there is no Cavalry coming to save you.  I can only do what is physically possible, the rest I trust to delegate to others.  This business was my idea and my plan to become an entrepreneur.  I must be intelligent enough to figure out how it works.  I constantly seek advice, counsel, and mentorship from people that have done what I am trying to do.  Nobody is obligated to help me.  My willingness to help others is why people are willing to help me.

If you had one thing that you wished someone had told you early on, what would it be?

Losing is for losers.  Do NOT have FEAR of success.  I’m not a loser, so why would I ever doubt myself?  As humans, we are built to win.  We have more good times than bad times.  We laugh more than we cry.  So, why do we have a FEAR of failure?  Why do we FEAR the unknown?   If giving up your life’s biggest fear can give you your life’s deepest desire, could you let go of that fear?

How does a “typical day” look for you?

Wake up, Thank God for all of the things that I’ve been blessed with.  Coffee.  Read a book for 30 minutes.  Social Media updates for 1 hour.  Content blogging, video editing, meeting clients, shooting new video, creating new docs for my business, reviewing local tax laws, etc… Social Media 1 hour updates.  30 minutes of email follow ups with former contacts.  There are variations for going to the beach, volunteering, and having fun too!


Contact Info

You can reach George –


Join me on this Indie Entrepreneur Hangout where we’ll get to ask George your top questions –

Building Your Non-Stop Content Marketing Machine

Get Your Content Marketing Questions Answered

This week we offer our audience an opportunity to ask their content marketing questions and to get answers from some of today’s top content marketers –


Build Content Marketing Machine


We’ll cover such topics as –

  1. ) where do you find content marketing ideas that attract your ideal audience
  2. ) what’s the best way to quickly create content they’re hungry for
  3. ) how to keep creating top-notch content that keeps your audience coming back for more

Visit Building Your Non-Stop Content Marketing Machine to watch. Mobile users can watch here –


This week’s panelists include:

Bill Belew – founder of a forum of top content marketing minds

Steve Cartwright – ranked as one of Top 50 Content Marketers

Rev Stephen B Henry – published author and web marketing with over 45 years of business experience

Ileane Smith – YouTube and blogging expert

Previously we have discussed how to use Google Hangouts and social media for best results. In the future we are considering which areas to focus on. So depending on the audience interest, we may dive more deeply into specific areas or cover other key topics.

Join us and ask your burning questions on how to get your content marketing machine running non-stop!



Social Media for Content Marketers

In what’s becoming the second part of a series of Google Hangouts with some of today’s top minds in content marketing, we cover how these folks are using social media to reach their 1000 True Fans aka their core audience.


Some of what we’ll cover include:

  • What is Working Best Today
  • How to Choose the Best Social Media for Your Audience
  • What is Their #1 Challenge Right Now

Here’s the replay –

Special thanks to Steve Cartwright for putting on an awesome case study of his own successes with Twitter and LinkedIn. He’s generously made it available via Slideshare here.


How to Use Google Hangouts for Content Marketing

We’re talking with some top content marketers about how to use Google Hangouts to connect with your 1000 True Fans and grow your audience.


Some of the key things we talked about –

1) Connect with your 1000 True Fans
We’re big fans of Kevin Kelly’s article on Technium – you don’t need to be Madonna or Microsoft to create a living sharing your gift.

Google Hangouts gives you live engagement like no other platform. Sure, there are plenty of webinar platforms but no other streams directly to YouTube, which leads to next point..

2) Create YouTube videos
The real power of this technique is the beauty of leveraging the Google – YouTube relationship. Google LOVES her children, and by using Hangouts you will share this love.

3) Reuserepackagerepurpose

As Ms Ileane of Basic Blog Tips points out, there are ways to take this content even further on YouTube. Don’t stop with simply adding a few key words to optimize. By scheduling out highlight videos, you give your viewers not only reasons to subscribe but value by highlighting key point.

Let’s face it. Very few people are going to watch ALL of your video or read ALL of your lovely blog post. But by sharing that golden nugget, they just might check it out again.

How will you use Google Hangouts for creating content in your marketing strategy?