Social Media / Online Marketing – Choose Your Weapon

Wrapping up the Internet Prophets Live 2015 event here in downtown Los Angeles, there are so many successful ways where all these gurus and experts have each made their own fortune.

Facebook ads, webinars, podcasting.. on and on.. there is no shortage of ways to make money online. It’s easy to get caught up with someone else’s way – aka “shiny object syndrome” – but, of course, there is no magic formula although many would have you believe otherwise!

But deciding what to focus on is a matter of knowing your own strengths and working with your weaknesses. Bill Belew who invited me to the event doesn’t use social media at all. Yet he is passionate about content marketing, and we’ve seen a rise in both interest and awareness of this online strategy.

Others will tell you to buy traffic. Still others will say that it’s all about video marketing. Many roads to Mecca, as they say!

Over the years I’ve tested different strategies and techniques. And as Gary Vee says, aka Gary Vaynerchuk of Jab Jab Jab Right Hook, you’ve got to pick the one that works for you.

While you shouldn’t post pictures of your cat to try and get more customers, if that’s 1) not what your core audience is interested in 2) not your cup of tea –

It’s also not to say that you should stick only with what your comfortable with. Recently I finally met @joecomm – someone who’s work I’ve been following for some time. And he helped me to realize that Instagram can be a force for good – check out my Instagram posts using hashtag #DoGoodStuff –

Typically, selfies are a turn-off for me – but I’m starting to see that if you have a message, then by all means “Be the Message” you want to spread!

How to Promote Your Book with Instagram

Recently, my friend Sarah Davidson and I talked about how authors can use Instagram to promote their writing. Having written two books now – Field Inspection and Local Alchemy – I know how hard it is to get more readers. While we have more tools available than ever, they often don’t come with a very good instruction manual!

Here’s our discussion on some ways you can use Instagram to promote your book –


How to Steal (Ethically) as a Social Media Manager

Don’t know if you’ve checked it out yet, but I’m liking this new WP editor where you can write without as much clutter.

Ok, here’s my question / dilemma – so I wanted to tweet this image from a mommy blog –


(here’s the original site that it’s from..)

by creating a meme like this..


How much credit do I need to attribute? For that matter am I allowed to do so?

The mommy blog says “Image via Shutterstock” which I’m guessing means that she paid a royalty of some kind?

I’m going to check with a social media mastermind and report back what they say.


So far, the discussion has centered around whether using this image at all is “fair use” and what legal damage you might be bring on yourself. One of the other social media managers pointed me to an article she wrote on this.

I pointed out that I was not promoting my own business with this tweet per se, nor was I likely to benefit directly in any way. Apparently, the consensus is that this does not matter.

At this point I’m waiting to hear back from a small business legal eagle, Elizabeth Potts Weinstein. Stay tuned!