Why Storytelling is the Key to Your Content Marketing

Are you finding it hard to grab and hold your audience’s attention? Maybe it’s time to step up your content marketing with better storytelling.

Too often we watch a movie trailer and eagerly anticipate seeing the film, only to end up disappointed when it doesn’t live up to the hype. Fortunately, War for the Planet of the Apes turned out to NOT be one of those times. In fact, this latest installment by director Matt Reeves along with the rest of the cast & crew definitely delivered!


Photo Source: kopi via Pixabay


As mentioned before, your content (especially video) can be trailers for those flagship pieces such as your courses or other programs. But what really drives this home is good storytelling. When it’s done right, stories can captivate audiences, holding them spell-bound. Human beings are hard-wired to respond to this power of storytelling.

Yet, as magical as storytelling can be, it doesn’t take some mystical powers or incantations under the moon. It’s just another practical, earthly skill that we can each develop over time. (Click to tweet)

Telling stories takes knowing which ones attract your ideal audience. It takes understanding of story structure. Most of all, it takes practice.

Traditionally, marketers have placed their products and services in the forefront as the “heroes.” Over time they realized that this no longer works. Today we must make our clients and customers the hero.

When your clients and customers see themselves facing their want, and your product / service as the guide to finding their way to fulfilling that desire, you’re well on your way to being their “go to” answer. It’s through your content that you work through the “know, like and trust” desires. You provide answers in a noisy world of questions.

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