Indie Creative – Brendan Weinhold of Gentle Werewolf

This week I chat with Brendan Weinhold who shares his creative entrepreneur’s journey in launching his web series, Gentle Werewolf.

Part comedy, part drama of modern times – Brendan talks about some of the sources of inspiration, the challenges and proud moments, and the importance of being true to your creative vision.

2:08 – What’s missing in typical television and how this drives this series’ vision

4:04 – Balancing the needs of working with others to express your personal vision and creating a shared vision

6:30 – Who inspired some of the series and Brendan’s own work, including the importance of overlooked source material

10:12 – Overcoming self-doubt and wondering if your creative work has merit early on when there is little proof

13:28 – Drawing from your own life for not just quirks but your own unique voice

16:12 – What attracts some of the fans to the heart of his Gentle Werewolf web series

20:20 – How “artists use lies to tell the truth” and this web series conveys its message without preaching

(unfortunately there were sound problems from this point on..)

22:42 – Juggling entertainment with substance and bringing in a lot of creative elements at once

24:40 – Doing the work to “make it look easy” and create your final creative work

26:15 – Taking your work to the streets to get feedback

27:24 – Bringing a producer on board and how this helped to bring some of the pieces together

30:56 – Finding the crew to help bring your creative vision to life

36:36 – How the basics of professionalism like doing the work, showing up and memorizing lines are key to attracting those who want to work with you

40:18 – Overcoming our own inner resistance as creatives to find the motivation to keep going and

43:39 – Why we need to trust the process becauses sometimes our past quirks and curiosity prepares us for our road ahead

48:18 – What Brendan sees as future projects that he wants to be involved with

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