Indie Creative – Roberto Comparan & For the Love of Pixar

This week we spotlight Roberto Comparan and his creative entrepreneurs journey with building a tribe of artists and Pixar lovers. Roberto started his journey with just an idea like many entrepreneurs.


Photo via For the Love of Pixar

Like many of us Roberto remembers his first experiences in watching Pixar films. He shares how this led to bonding with other fans and creating his own art. Roberto says that this passion never went away.

So ultimately Roberto and his friends had an idea of creating an art show around their love – thus the name “For the Love of Pixar.”

When others came forward and wanted to be involved, Roberto and his friends realized that they were on to something. Last year they had their first show, and although it was small, everyone knew they were on to something when people were already asking about the next time.

Roberto decided that they want to make this not only an immersive experience but something that every kid in us could be a part of it. Now he has joined forces with charities and other nonprofits to make the event not only about fun but building something that benefits the larger community.

0:40 What got Roberto started on sharing his passion for Pixar

1:38 Roberto shares his own personal connection with Pixar

3:42 Realizing that he and his friends can actually create their own animation

4:28 How Roberto discovered those who not only encouraged but helped him on his journey.

5:15 Lessons learned and his other experiences in PR helped Roberto in starting For the Love of Pixar

8:08 Struggles and challenges in getting For the Love of Pixar off the ground

9:58 First unexpected rejection by Pixar themselves

10:42 Another surprising lesson to provide art work at different prices to allow them to raise more money

12:28 What made Roberto and his team really proud about their first successes

13:32 Some of the interesting Pixar inspired displays that they were able to create

16:20 The Pizza Planet Truck story – how they got into the show & how it became one of the most popular parts

19:05 Other inspired connections including John Negroni’s Pixar Theory

21:35 How our Love of Pixar transcends boundaries and connects the kid in all of us

For more information visit For the Love of Pixar at their website.