Indie Entrepreneur – Filmmaker Darwin Carlisle

This week’s featured indie entrepreneur is filmmaker videographer Darwin Carlisle of First Class Reels.

For years he struggled to find his place in the film making capital of Hollywood. When a friend suggested making reels for actor friends, Darwin began his entrepreneur’s journey.

Of course, it was not all sunshine and unicorns. Like all entrepreneurs Darwin has faced his share of doubts before finally seeing some breakthroughs.

We dive into how Darwin figured out how to stand out in the crowded space of Hollywood. He also talks about what the next level looks like and how he continues to find inspiration in different moments.

Most of all Darwin shares what being a creative entrepreneur means to him and what gives him the greatest sense of accomplishment. He talks about how his work has touched the lives of his clients.

Often film makers have to improvise to deal with unexpected changes. Darwin talks about how he gets the most out of a moment and finds creative solutions to getting the video shots.

In this age where people are skeptical of traditional video and advertisements, it’s important to get down to the essential message. We discuss how Darwin gets to the heart of the story in a performance or moment.

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