Indie Entrepreneur – Musician / Recording Artist ALE Gonzalez Gomez

We talk with creative entrepreneur indie musician ALE Gonzalez Gomez about his journey from addiction to creative recovery. It’s a redemptive story where an East LA child narrowly missed tragedy at the hands of the infamous Night Stalker, only to struggle with drugs and alcohol before finding salvation in music.

ALE talks about how he continues to grow as an artist and entrepreneur and why he feels the need to create. He discusses what happens when someone you admire ends their own life due to addiction.

We briefly talk about the recent loss of influential figures like Dr. Wayne Dyer and Scott Dinsmore of the Live Your Legend movement. ALE and I discuss how their deaths remind of us of the limited time we have to share our work.

Sometimes the creative entrepreneur goes to some of the darkest parts of the human spirit in order to experience their biggest breakthrough. ALE takes us to that moment when all seemed lost before finding the healing power of creating his music.

Creative entrepreneurs often struggle with this need to share their unique gifts and the shadow side of their creativity in the form of addiction.

Part of the creative process is pushing our limits. ALE talks about finding some of his most creative moments at night and how these have inspired him to grow as an artist entrepreneur. He shares some of his personal tips on the creative process.

Without growth as an artist creative entrepreneurs can easily fall back into unhealthy addiction. ALE shares some of his personal vision for his own personal creative growth

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