SEO Successful Marketing’s Key Element

This is a special guest post by Rev. Stephen B. Henry PhD who has been making a living with the SEO game for some time now. I’ll let him take it away..


While there are many aspects to consider and apply when implementing a quality marketing strategy, search engine optimization (SEO) should be high among them. Social media, both free and paid, and other methods of paid marketing and promotion are strong. Key social media elements are also significant growth factors. Despite encouraging numbers in other places, traffic from search is the lion’s share of the pie chart. Search marketing is by far the easiest place to find readily convertible traffic. Combined, all of this makes SEO successful marketing’s key element.

The bulk of global search is conducted on just four major search platforms. These are:

  1. Google,
  2. Baidu,
  3. Bing, and
  4. Yahoo.

Why Is SEO Successful Marketing’s Key Element?

These four major search engines account for nearly 98% of global search, with Google accounting for more than 62% of total search. The hundreds of remaining search services account for just 2% or less combined. In fact, many of those scrape their results from one of the big four anyway. In North America, Google’s share is even greater. Some suggest it approaches 80% of North American search. At worst your efforts need to encompass only four distinct platforms. Many will do just fine focusing on Google alone. Most SEO factors good for Google are also good enough for the other three sites.

Google search engine return pages (SERPs) show both paid ads (top, right, and bottom) along with organic (natural) search results. A leading SEO marketer, Eric Holmlund, suggests that 95% of traffic coming from search is through the organic result links. He further suggests about 75% of that traffic comes from links in the top 3 spots on Google SERPs. Even if your site does well naturally and lands on the first page, but not in those coveted top three positions, you are leaving as much as 75% of your potential traffic on the table by not striving for better.

Surprisingly, SEO is not as hard as you might think. In fact, you can do it yourself. It is probably better to hire a professional anyway, though. SEO is an on-going and involved process that deals with hundreds of factors. Even if you can, and choose to, do basic SEO yourself you will likely want a professional available as an adviser. Some will work with you in that capacity, for a relatively modest fee.

A good SEO strategy, the kind that gives rise to this article’s title, SEO Successful Marketing’s Key Element, requires a well thought out campaign. This will involve both on-site and off-site (also called on-page and off-page) elements. And it will involve application of, and attention to, these factors over time. A typical SEO program will run from six months to two years. Best results are maintained with an on-going maintenance program after that. Good SEO, undertaken by a quality SEO expert, is not cheap but it doesn’t have to be prohibitive either.

The key is to find a good SEO practitioner, offering quality service at an affordable price. An honest SEO professional will be glad to talk to you about price (at least in general) right up front. They will answer any and all questions you may have. A little preparation on your part will go a long way. Good search engine optimization, however, is not a cookie-cutter deal. One size absolutely does not fit all. Each website, indeed each page of that site, requires unique and specific attention. Because of this, and because many websites vary in their ability to receive SEO, the best SEO companies will want to look at your website and provide a plan along with their initial quote. Any price discussed before a site review will be a ball-park value.

My best advice is don’t go with any SEO provider that says they offer a one-price package or a single pass application. While there are good fixed-price SEO packages available, it must be understood what they cover and don’t cover. Typically these are low end offerings that will get you part of the way there or will just take longer to get the whole job done. Single pass packages will get you a benchmark and prepare your site for what is to come, but will never be able to deliver the whole deal. It’s not the way SEO works — or can work.

Your site needs SEO. You should want SEO. You will want to incorporate your SEO program with your over all marketing strategy. It is important to start SEO as early as possible. No matter what the status of your website you should include SEO in the mix now. Right now. It never gets any earlier than that. Contact an SEO professional today.

Rev. Stephen B. Henry PhD. is an online presence professional who earns his entire living online working from an office in his home and his laptop when he travels. Steve is an author, small business consultant, and personal mentor. He has been online since before the Internet was public and has been creating websites since the first year the World Wide Web was rolled out. He is a successful SEO professional and, while there can never be a guarantee, he has positioned each one of his clients into one or more of the top three positions for their market-specific keywords. Steve and be reached through his website, Hutchinson SEO or by email: