Building Your Non-Stop Content Marketing Machine

Get Your Content Marketing Questions Answered

This week we offer our audience an opportunity to ask their content marketing questions and to get answers from some of today’s top content marketers –


Build Content Marketing Machine


We’ll cover such topics as –

  1. ) where do you find content marketing ideas that attract your ideal audience
  2. ) what’s the best way to quickly create content they’re hungry for
  3. ) how to keep creating top-notch content that keeps your audience coming back for more

Visit Building Your Non-Stop Content Marketing Machine to watch. Mobile users can watch here –


This week’s panelists include:

Bill Belew – founder of a forum of top content marketing minds

Steve Cartwright – ranked as one of Top 50 Content Marketers

Rev Stephen B Henry – published author and web marketing with over 45 years of business experience

Ileane Smith – YouTube and blogging expert

Previously we have discussed how to use Google Hangouts and social media for best results. In the future we are considering which areas to focus on. So depending on the audience interest, we may dive more deeply into specific areas or cover other key topics.

Join us and ask your burning questions on how to get your content marketing machine running non-stop!



How to Use Google Hangouts for Content Marketing

We’re talking with some top content marketers about how to use Google Hangouts to connect with your 1000 True Fans and grow your audience.


Some of the key things we talked about –

1) Connect with your 1000 True Fans
We’re big fans of Kevin Kelly’s article on Technium – you don’t need to be Madonna or Microsoft to create a living sharing your gift.

Google Hangouts gives you live engagement like no other platform. Sure, there are plenty of webinar platforms but no other streams directly to YouTube, which leads to next point..

2) Create YouTube videos
The real power of this technique is the beauty of leveraging the Google – YouTube relationship. Google LOVES her children, and by using Hangouts you will share this love.

3) Reuserepackagerepurpose

As Ms Ileane of Basic Blog Tips points out, there are ways to take this content even further on YouTube. Don’t stop with simply adding a few key words to optimize. By scheduling out highlight videos, you give your viewers not only reasons to subscribe but value by highlighting key point.

Let’s face it. Very few people are going to watch ALL of your video or read ALL of your lovely blog post. But by sharing that golden nugget, they just might check it out again.

How will you use Google Hangouts for creating content in your marketing strategy?