Indie Entrepreneur – Content Marketer Bill Belew

This week we talk with Bill Belew who built his online community to over 6600 members. Join us in hearing the story of his entrepreneur’s journey from struggling blogger to sought after speaker and thought leader.

We talk about how Bill got started on his journey as a content marketer. He shares some of his biggest challenges and struggles.

With so many projects and hats Bill talks about how he gets things done and what his proudest moment is so far. We’ll discuss what the next level of success looks like for him, ask what he feels is the biggest lesson he’s learned so far.

0:28 – Bill talks about the roots of his journey from living overseas before moving to Silicon Valley

1:08 – Life in the heart of Silicon Valley as a creative entrepreneur

4:20 – How Bill takes his first steps stumbling into entrepreneurship

6:04 – Door after door closes in Bill’s face as he seeks help on his journey

8:56 – Growing up among six children taught Bill self-reliance including learning how to ride a bike by launching himself downhill

10:40 – Leaving Japan Bill starts teaching at a local college and loves his work

11:18 – But the school’s president has other ideas for Bill

13:00 – Defining moment for Bill in choosing to take control of his life and finds an opportunity to write

14:24 – Realizing that he could duplicate his success Bill finds ways to rinse and repeat

16:08 – How to stumble on your success as a content marketer

18:10 – Folks begin asking Bill to teach how he was able to get millions of views to his websites

19:40 – Bill shares the biggest challenge on his journey

20:48 – No longer under the control of bosses Bill finds himself at the mercy of Google and search engines

21:20 – Realities of making a living as a writer / content creator

23:32 – What the residual benefits of organic traffic offers content creators

24:48 – Building an online community of content creators – even when you never participated in one before!

28:08 – Next thing Bill knows people start asking how he built his online community of over 7000 users in 15 months

30:06 – Bill’s forum hits a milestone

31:42 – What hitting that milestone really means

34:34 – How a 3 yr old’s success is Bill’s proudest moment

39:30 – Translating success online to offline success

40:02 – Sharing what that next level of success looks like

44:04 – Getting things done with so much to do

46:02 – How your “why” makes your success a certainty

49:24 – Why Bill feels more pressure and constraints gets better creative results

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Indie Entrepreneur – Filmmaker Darwin Carlisle

This week’s featured indie entrepreneur is filmmaker videographer Darwin Carlisle of First Class Reels.

For years he struggled to find his place in the film making capital of Hollywood. When a friend suggested making reels for actor friends, Darwin began his entrepreneur’s journey.

Of course, it was not all sunshine and unicorns. Like all entrepreneurs Darwin has faced his share of doubts before finally seeing some breakthroughs.

We dive into how Darwin figured out how to stand out in the crowded space of Hollywood. He also talks about what the next level looks like and how he continues to find inspiration in different moments.

Most of all Darwin shares what being a creative entrepreneur means to him and what gives him the greatest sense of accomplishment. He talks about how his work has touched the lives of his clients.

Often film makers have to improvise to deal with unexpected changes. Darwin talks about how he gets the most out of a moment and finds creative solutions to getting the video shots.

In this age where people are skeptical of traditional video and advertisements, it’s important to get down to the essential message. We discuss how Darwin gets to the heart of the story in a performance or moment.

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Indie Artist / Musician Creative Entrepreneur Mike Georgia

This week we talk with indie entrepreneur Mike Georgia and hear his entrepreneur’s journey as an artist musician.

Mike has done both covers of classic rock and his own songs. He teaches at the Musicians Institute here in Southern California. Recently, Mike has been working on some interesting musical projects.

We’ll dive into how Mike got started as a professional musician. What does it take to be a working artist? How do you connect with your 1000 True Fans today in a noisy social media / online word?

One of the things that we couldn’t wait to talk about with Mike is about how he discovered his passion for music. Many times folks will ask me about finding their calling and defining their art. So, I plan to get more into this aspect of the creative entrepreneur’s journey.

Another thing that is always fascinating about musicians and their craft is where they find their inspiration. “Good artists copy, great artists steal,” said Picasso.

Most of all what does it take for a indie musician to stick it out. There’s a huge divide between amateurs who “dabble” and professionals who stick it out, as Steven Pressfield talks about in Turning Pro.

Lastly, we’ll ask Mike what the “next level” looks like for him – not only as an artist but as a creative entrepreneur.

Full disclosure: we’ve worked with Mike before. He was generous enough to allow us to use his music for one of our first video productions.

Thank goodness Mike kept telling us we should check out his music. We have to admit that we were distracted by a lot of things so we kept putting it off.

We’re going to try something different for this interview and share some of Mike’s music.

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To learn more about Mike Georgia visit him at –

Indie Entrepreneur Lauren Brim

Our spotlight this week is on an amazing artist entrepreneur, Lauren Brim. Not only has she published a book about The New Rules of Sex, Lauren is an accomplished dancer whose film is now gaining recognition in festivals.

Her book was written to take a closer look at many of today’s confusing messages about sex that persist. She shares her own story and how it inspired her to write about it. Lauren offers insight on new ways to handle this sensitive area of our lives.

Recently, Lauren has become a new mom on top of everything else. So we’ll dive into her challenges of balancing life and the work of a creative entrepreneur.

Lauren believes in the transformation that’s possible through art. She has seen this power in her own life. At first Lauren resisted being in her own film, as it is challenging enough to produce and direct. In the end it was a matter of doing what it took to get the project made.

To catch sneak peeks and learn more about her new film DEUX visit

We’ll dive into her story and share more of Lauren’s journey as a creative entrepreneur. Here’s the interview replay –


Indie Entrepreneur Chef Chris Hill is Back

..and he’s getting ready to launch his 2nd restaurant in Atlanta.

Hot-lanta has been in the 90’s with 90-something percent humidity! But we’ll do our best to keep it cool, talking about Chris’ challenges and goals.


Here’s his recent TEDx talk –


We’ve invited George Ohan back as a panelist.

My friend and co-instructor, Sarah Davidson of Visual Marketing Edge will be joining us as well.

This is turning out to be an exciting night, so we’ll look forward to seeing you there!

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Indie Entrepreneur George Ohan Shares His Success Secrets

A short while ago I had a chat with George Ohan and quickly realized that he has a tremendous amount of valuable experience and insights to share on his entrepreneur’s journey. (here’s where George shares a dark moment)

Brief Bio

George Ohan is an accomplished film producer with a background in Marketing, Public Relations, and Communications. After serving in the U.S. Army he graduated from The Los Angeles Film School, George began his own video production company before moving to his current home in Puerto Rico. Now he works with aspiring indie entrepreneurs and helps them grow their business through online and social media.


George Ohan in Puerto Rico

Lots of folks want to make money in the film industry. How did you make it a reality?

I never saw myself as the Steven Spielberg artsy filmmaker type. Yes, I’m an artist. Yes, I’m a filmmaker.  However, I’m a digital artist with an interest in business.  As I created content I was always looking for a way to sell it or get paid before creating it.  I turned that passion for getting people to respect my art with their wallet into a reality.  I wasn’t afraid to put a price on my creations or my time.  Get paid – don’t be the typical starving artist.

What was your biggest challenge getting started in your indie business?

Sales.  As an indiepreneur we never stop to think about who will actually ask us for money to do this “thing” that we love to do…. The challenge for me has been to focus on many things at the same time.  When someone says “FOCUS” most people imagine they should focus on one thing.  I approach focus with a couple of dashes of TIME MANAGEMENT and then we’re cooking!   I put my tasks in groups of what can be done”today” and I go 100% after the current tasks at hand.  Everyday, one of the tasks is to ask people to hire me for my services.

So with all the things it takes to run an indie business – how do you do it all??

The way to do it all is to know that there is no Cavalry coming to save you.  I can only do what is physically possible, the rest I trust to delegate to others.  This business was my idea and my plan to become an entrepreneur.  I must be intelligent enough to figure out how it works.  I constantly seek advice, counsel, and mentorship from people that have done what I am trying to do.  Nobody is obligated to help me.  My willingness to help others is why people are willing to help me.

If you had one thing that you wished someone had told you early on, what would it be?

Losing is for losers.  Do NOT have FEAR of success.  I’m not a loser, so why would I ever doubt myself?  As humans, we are built to win.  We have more good times than bad times.  We laugh more than we cry.  So, why do we have a FEAR of failure?  Why do we FEAR the unknown?   If giving up your life’s biggest fear can give you your life’s deepest desire, could you let go of that fear?

How does a “typical day” look for you?

Wake up, Thank God for all of the things that I’ve been blessed with.  Coffee.  Read a book for 30 minutes.  Social Media updates for 1 hour.  Content blogging, video editing, meeting clients, shooting new video, creating new docs for my business, reviewing local tax laws, etc… Social Media 1 hour updates.  30 minutes of email follow ups with former contacts.  There are variations for going to the beach, volunteering, and having fun too!


Contact Info

You can reach George –


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